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candidates for governor of massachusetts. let's meet the candidates and get our debate started. they are republican nominee charlie baker, former ceo of harvard pilgrim health care. the democratic nominee is the incumbent. then kent k. hill and green party jill stein. thank you for being here. there are no opening or closing statements tonight. we have just questions from me and from voters. each candidate gets up to one minute to respond to each question and then we will open it up for free and open debate. let's begin. mr. baker, your name comes first in the alphabet. you'll take the first question. let's start with getting people back to work. >> the political debate in general has been faced by two different approaches, government spending or tax cuts. what is the better way to produce the quickest job growth of the next year and why? >> i think the quickest way to produce job growth is to get spending under control, deal with the $2 billion budget deficit, and get real about the fact that we cannot possibly spend and tax our way out of this. the only way we will provide ec
rains are predicted to arrive in massachusetts in the next few hours. we will go to cape cod and give you a live report later. >>> moving on to other news, more details about the discovery communications and gunmen. we had the first pictures coming from the james lee's home. >> many are thinking of the fire and police departments for their amazing work. we are getting a night -- an inside look at the 911 calls. >> move as far away from the building as you can. >> as people were shuffling out of the building, montgomery county police were moving in. >> i am directly behind the suspect. i have a visual. >> officers and did not know what james lee was capable of, but they did know he was armed. a frantic call came in -- a call came into 911. >> i am in the main lobby of 1 discovery place. >> news came as a shock to james lee's roommate. lee was renting a room. police found explosive devices, a gas can, and books on saving the planet. they did not expect he would do this. >> there is a hostage. there is someone in the building with a gun. >> but the recount the officers did not expect it
now in yarmouth, massachusetts. >> reporter: today marks the start of the labor day weekend an the traditional end of the summer holiday season, but for a lot of folks out there they are thinking it is time for sun, sand and surf but for people here in massachusetts they are thinking of heading to safety. >> hi, sir. they want cape coders to know there is shelter from the storm. >> latest you can go in. >> anytime, anytime. >> reporter: if the winds are strong, they will be stuck. >> if it gets to 70 miles an hour they shut the bridges. >> so get off early. >> that's right. >> not everyone is running from the storm. >> i'm going. >> reporter: the suntanned staff at the surf shop says his biggest hope is earl brings big waves. still this is a hurricane and when it is labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affected by earl, most are probably thinking -- >> i don't like him. >> reporter: hurricane earl flooded roads in north carolina and left thousands without power, but damage was minimal and no injuries were reported. earl swirled up the eastern seaboard. earl lost so
, and massachusetts. strong waves from earl are ripping into beaches all along the east coast. in delaware, life guards rescued two children from rip current. >> couldn't breathe for a few seconds, and i got really scar scared. >> reporter: even if the worst of earl stays far from land, the storm could do $1billion to $2 billion in damage from north carolina to maine, and emergency workers still are not convinced the storm is staying away. >> the smallest predicted hurricane can become the most major and the most destructive, so you really don't know. none of us know what's going to happen until tomorrow. >> reporter: emergency officials here, as well as local business owners, are hoping by tomorrow, they're reopening for business for a long labor day weekend rather than cleaning up. erica. >> kelly cobiella,icle ethanks. earl may actually lose some of its punch by the time it reaches the northeast tomorrow, but it is still the strongest hurricane to threaten the coast of new york and new jersey since bor roared through in 1991. elaine quijano is in montauk, new york, about 120 miles east of new
massachusetts. ul horaultimaama horaultima hori oratima h >> obama llev ritmo. los jvenes hombres y mujeres provenan de michigan, nueva york, filadelfia y la propia ciudad de washington. el rollo de california es uno de los ms famosos platos de rollos de sushi del mundo. pero desde esta semana no estÁ en california sino en massachusetts. 300 fueron tareas se unieron en la universidad para crear un rollo mayor que el de california. lo sobulsaron hora90 pies. hoy hubo importantes jornadas de ftbol. en monterrey el tri ma nos despedimos por hoy, gracias por haber estado con nosotros en esta edicin de noticiero unisiÓn ultima ahora, para mantenerse informado puede entrarma hor horaultimaama horha
a holiday. it is in south yarmouth massachusetts. >> with nightfall end strong waves in the wind and rain millions of americans in the northeast are heading into labor day weekend with an uninvited guest. the name is earl. it is causing a lot of detours and holiday weekend plans all in the name of caution. >> it off early. >> that is right. the flooded roads and led several hundred of people with no injuries reported. max winds at its 80 mi. an hour. berle's winds weekend. >> i'm alone the rest an element sure that they're getting the french and in closing the windows and people seem pretty relaxed and time. >> despite warnings that he remains of force to reckon with they do have more confidence than writing up the storm. >> with all of us that we need ends if anything should have been there is weathered storms before and it is nothing we can not handle. >> as for the latest development for earl we have some good mense the national hurricane center says by the time they get here to tell them looks like it will mount the american tomorrow be a tropical storm. it does look like massachusett
does the gentleman from massachusetts rise? >> mr. speaker, by direction of the committee on rules i call up house resolution 61620 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the bill. the clerk: house calendar number 236, house resolution 1620, resolved that at any time after the adoption of this resolution the speaker may, pursuant to clause 2-b of rule 18, declare the house resolved into the committee of the whole house on the state of the union for consideration of the bill h.r. 4785, to amend the miscellaneous rural development provisions of the farm security and rural investment act of two, to authorize the secretary of agriculture to make loans to certain entities that will use the funds to make loans to consumers to implement energy efficiency measures involving structural improvements and investments and cost-effective commercial off-the-shelf technologies. the first readling of the bill -- reading of the bill shall be dispensed with. all points of order against consideration of the bill are waived except those arising under claus
in massachusetts scrambled to brace for the storm, buying emergency supplies and preparing for worst. >> people came in for batteries, casting oil. >> we put stuff on the windows. we have eight-foot windows that wiggle and bow. >> on long island east, state of emergency is in effect. still, many tourists seem unconcerned. >> going to get a little bit of wave action. some wind, but nothing serious. >> we're on the beach. so we are worried if our luggage is really floating in the room. no, we'll be fine. >> except for our hair. our hair will not be fine. >> other than that we're okay. >> no one is okay if they go in the water, at least for a couple more days. vive lent surf will be -- violent surf will be around for a while. the bad weather is expected to clear up by later tonight and the rest of the weekend through labor day looks fantastic. the news not as good for folks to the north. >> chris: rick leventhal reporting from new york. thank you for that, rick. a powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck new zealand's south island. residents say they have lost power in some buildings collapsed. no
miles-an-hour. >> shepard: massachusetts, maine, nova? >> yeah, well nova scotia that's a big one it is going to be a weakening storm but a rapidly moving storm, potentially some hurricane force wind there is. if anybody gets a storm surge from this, still going to be the right it is going to be nova scotia. maine probably get significant rain out of it and winds. the worst of it as far as storm surge that's going to be our friends up in canada. >> shepard: rick, thanks very much. i was hoping to read that, too late now. we have a lot ahead in in hour. we are going to tract storm up and down the coast. when a hurricane is headed your way some people run and hide and get candles. other people have a drink. where and why folks at the bar? they are feeling the affects of the storm further south we'll go live to virginia beach. live in nova scotia, live in a boat off canada. this is fox news channel. i got into one of the best schools in t country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with he
. headingum toward eastern massachusetts. -- heading up toward eastern massachusetts. offshore, they still have a hurricane warning out for cape cod. may see tropical storm force winds later tonight. for us, out west, it's going to bring us a big change. a nice weather pattern shaping up for the weekend. let's take a look at the last track we had coming in for earl. still a category 1 storm. doesn't look like those winds will impact cape cod. but they could see some tropical storm force winds, as the system continues to evolve. it will weaken as it moves up toward eastern canada, running toward the very cold waters up there. yeah, that's where the waters are. temperatures in the water, only in the upper to low 50s. clouds moving out across the region. and looks like a great setup for the weekend. tim in the outback, with a look at the current advisories for the weekend. >> a picture says a thousand words. and you saw in adam may's picture, how the waves are really crashing into the beach there in ocean city. that is the reason now that we have a coastal flood statement. basically, a specia
christine o'donnell and saying, you bet, if we can we elect a republican senator in massachusetts, we have every opportunity to elect christine o'donnell in delaware and i like her chances and she has given a fresh, positive, conservative alternate to the people of delaware and i look forward to supporting her and seeing her in the u.s. senate. >>neil: is there truth that you talked to others saying let's get on board here, are you nuts? >>guest: i never talk about conversations with colleagues but what i can tell you is, it is a woman new world out there. and some in the political class have been slow to figure the american people are really tired of the borrowing and the spending and the bailouts and takeovers and looking for men men that are willing to speak with courage. o'donnell is wuch those people. she captured the imagination of republican voters in delaware. >>neil: not all in the republican party establishment. mike castle was clearly the establishment's favorite and we were stunned they lost. what was behind the latest reaction today? >>guest: the senate committee for the repub
into the massachusetts coast. we begin our coverage in ocean city. >> jeff abell reports beachgoer3 are saying farewell to huuricane earl. >> 12 hours later the clouds ú%rttd and the sun came out. hurricane earl is hiitory. it's amazing what mother ature can do. lost its strength, but it still put on a show. >> it's definitely a sight to see. you don't see his very often. >> mother nature is pretty powerful. seeing t in the fllsh and blood, it'sspretty lively. >> reporter: oceanncity had ú%aced for the wrath of hurricane earl, but when it came ashore, the storm weakened, delivering wind gusts of 403 miles per hour and creating minor flooding. >> we're going to experience some erosion out there. we don't know to what degree. you have to be patient becausee3 what looks like a great loss of sand tomorrow, two weeks from now a lot of that will build back up with the waves and thh current. >> reporter: by noon travelers city leaders feared the hurricane would scare holiday travelers. instead, a it may have attracted them. >> we weren't going to come because of the hurriccne. we figured you know what??3
florida and massachusetts. we have reports stated in jacksonville, nags head, ocean city tonight and we begin with scott broom. >> reporter: the hurricane watch is up and officials here are preparing for tropical storm conditions. crews in ocean city put up fencing to prevent the sand burying parking lots and the boardwalk. signs and sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. some boat owners are playing it better safe than sorry. >> i think you'll see flooding downtown in the low-lying areas. we'll seitems blowing around, things that don't get secured, things as a result of the 40-50 mile-per-hour winds but we don't think we'll see anything dramatic. the time of the storm hitting ocean city is good. it's coming in in the early morning hours and in the afternoon it will give us a time to clean up and get ready for the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: now down to my colleague bruce leshan in virginia beach. >> the storm chasers may be disappointing that the storm is tracking farther out to sea and weakening, but there are people here at virginia beach who are happy. see back there the s
swimmers off long beach. while they are swimming in new jersey some in massachusetts are sandbagging. inmates from the plymouth county correctional facility were out early shoveling and stacking sandbags. you can see the forecast online on click on the hurricane center right under the weather tab. >>> state police are investigating a hartford county motorcycle crash that claimed the life of a 13 year-old girl. the teen was a passenger when the driver lost control and slid into the back a van. police are continuing to investigate. there's no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control. >>> an anne arundel county middle school student brought a knife to school but was apprehended by other students. he told other students he intended to youth it. it all stemmed from a fight in the neighborhood early in the week. educators credit the quick thinking of students who help prevent a dangerous situation as teachers were quickly able to recover the knife and the student in question. >> we take these things very seriously as we have to. i mean, something like this if stude
is going to shift north as we look to places like basically massachusetts even long island could get in on some of this action, but the bottom line is we're looking much better now as the storm continues to pull away and 180 miles plus off of ocean city will be more than 200 miles away. we'll have much more on this and your weekend outlook much cooler coming up rosie. >>> tonight folks down in ocean city in north carolina are breathing a sigh of relief while up in new england they are holding their breath as hurricane earl moves up the coast. >> reporter: as north carolina says good-bye to earl it's preparing to say hello to thousands of forrists. >> we want to thank the people of north carolina who stood up and did what we asked them to do. >> reporter: the evacuations began when earl was a category 4 hurricane with strong enough winds to shred an american flag and throw a boat against the south carolina pier. but before earl moved near the outer banks it was downgraded to a category 2 storm. now earl's been downgraded again to category 1. >> we dodged a bullet purely and sim
to board up in virginia beach, bracing for a direct hit along the cape in massachusetts. let's get right to our meteorologist doug cameron now. >> great news here continuing to come in from the national hurricane center. earl continues to weaken, just 105 miles an hour, that is now a cat ge category 2 storm. something else, it's a little further offshore, that means the winds are not going to be nearly as devastating as they could have been if the eye of the storm was coming closer to shore. look at this jog it's taken the last couple hours off to the north and east. it will make its way up the coast well o our shore line, but we have along the atlantic beaches, we have that tropical storm warning that is in effect through the day tomorrow. we're going to be watching it closely during the early morning hours it tomorrow and into early afternoon as well. coming up, i'll be back to tell you what to expect around the washington, d.c., area. jay gray has been riding out this storm in north carolina's outer banks and has this report from kill devil hills. >> reporter: as nightfalls on the out
packing a punch as it moves north. earl is turning off the massachusetts coast with sustained winds around 75 miles an hour. here's outlook on martha's vineyard earlier this evening. earl has not caused a significant amount of damage since it sideswiped the carolinas yesterday. nonetheless, people are urged to move out if necessary. we will check on the conditions in massachusetts a little later, but first let's check in with tom tasselmyer. >> the storm continues to make steady progress away from our region. the radar is still picking up that swirl of heavy rain out in the mid atlantic, although from cape cod down to the eastern tip long island new york, they are getting crushed by it. there are some pretty good wind gusts in that region as well. there is ocean city right there and the eye of the storm is almost 300 miles away as it continues to head to the northeast. nantucket and cape cod will be the problem area. they are getting some pretty good winds from that storm. behind it, some nice weather coming in for the final big weekend of the summer. lowell melser has been down at ocean c
's massachusetts with in theethe preparattons there. helll rrming? >>reporter: hi karen. that'' exactly right. today marks the start of llbor day weekend anddthe end of the traditional suumer holiday for a lot of people they want to o to the sun, and and surf but here in massachusetts people are thinking about heading to safety officer want cape od to know they are sheltered from theestorm. >> latest you can go in. any time. >>reporter: if the winds are stuck. they are goinngto be >> get to 70 miles an hour did >> got it. get off early. 3 >>reporter: nocht is running from the storm. >> cover my shift. >>reporter: suntan staff of 6 biggest hope is that earls his -úbrings some ig waves. >> really good curl. >>reporter: still this is a hurricane. and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affecced by earl most are probaaly thinkinn. >> i don'' like it. >>reporter: hurricane earl flooded roads in north carolina and left several ttousand people with no power but damage was minimal and no injjries ere reported. earl then swirled up the eassern sea board late friday morn
not summer. we went to massachusetts to take care of my grandmother every summer a few weeks. >> it was kind of a rough neighborhood or became one. >> it was a very rough neighborhood. there was a lot of drugs if in my community. at a young age i was in and a special class when i started school early because my mom and dad worked and i skipped eighth grade. i was running around with some older kids. it was a very small difference between kids who would make it and go to college and have career aspirations and those that hang out in the park and drank wine and did pot and have the drugs. i learned at a very young age if that the difference between making it and not making it israel is light. >> your -- between making it ant making it is small. >> -- >> my mother taught education was the most important thing she could give. she was concerned about the neighborhood and moved us one summer. i came home one day and if she said we are moving to massachusetts. we have to get out of this neighborhood. i did not really get it. i look back now and that was the penultimate decision. i could've been dra
report we go to dean reynolds on cape cod, massachusetts. >> reporter: good evening, anthony. as you can see, it's a bufl day here on cape cod. hur cane earl is gone what earl didn't do to the u.s. it did to canada. blasting nova scotia when it came ashore this morning, offering a finishing kick to this largely oversold storm. by contrast, along the u.s. atlantic coast, the sigh of relief at earl's weakness seemed almost as powerful as the hurricane's winds. >> i was really happy that nothing bad happened. >> reporter: on cape hatteras, earl's first target, they reopened a bridge to the north carolina mainland anda the tourists resurfaced. in rhode island, a big surf was the only remnant of the storm. there was some beach erosion on long island, but the damage was light compared to the drum roll of predictions. >> a team of reporters and meter olses will bring you live coverage over the next hour and a half. >> reporter: trees were felled in nantucket, but looking at the beaches and shoppers, the scene did not resemble the state of emergency the massachusetts governor declared just hours
of massachusetts. shows you what a huge geographical region we're talking about. north carolina's governor says earl is on the way, roads are starting to clog up here, people are beginning to move out. there's also other preparedness going on. they're setting up emergency shelters, boarding up homes and pulling out the boats to safety. fema has stepped in. sent 300,000 meals to get ready in north carolina. something they do to get ready for things. they're sending supplies up to massachusetts. one other development overnight, president obama actually issues an emergency declaration for the state of north carolina doing everything officials can to try to get ready for earl now, knowing that all too soon, no one can do anything but sit and wait to see what earl has in store for us. reporting live at atlantic beach north carolina, jamie, back to you. >> i don't want to put you on the spot, but what's the closest bridge to you. are you seeing more and more traffic? people trying to get out now? >> we're not seeing traffic yet, this came in overnight. people haven't quite moving their plans up yet.
a massachusetts para facilitar la distribución de fondos en caso que sea necesario. >> el público debe de continuar en alerta tomar las precauciones necesaria y mantenerse alejados de las carreteras. >> pongan atención a las advertencia que le dicen que salgan, que salgan que no esperen >> de categoría 4 pasó a ser categoría 1. varios residentes hasta se aventuraron para pasear en la playa. >> me da miedo esto. >> yo nací en puerto rico. ya no le tengo miedo. tengo velas, tengo de todo. por si acaso tengo que salir. >> muy bien, la gente se preparó para lo peor pero afortunadamente salvo lluvia y mucho viento y varias olas no ha dejado grandes estragos, se espera que la peor parte sea para massachusetts bien entrada la noche. josé? >> muchísimas gracias. >josé: el metereólogo de telemundo, lu iluis carrera nos explica que podría pasar con este sistema. >> todavía se espera que deje lluvia. hasta ahora el huracán se ha xorcomportado como se esperaba. vientos en promedio superando las 40 millas por horas y básicamente lo que hemos encontrado el reporte en las estaciones locale
will be in massachusetts campaigning for a democrat who says he's not nervous, but why is he calling in the former president? stay tuned. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-se price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once. and you could be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make this time, your time. >> on sunday, the former president, bill clinton will be in massachusetts campaigning for barney frank. he's the chairman of the house banking committee. he would not be in a year like this, you would think of anybody could be vulnerable. most democrats and most repub
of north carolina. now hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of massachusetts. the category four storm, one of the strongest to threaten the east coast. it is less than 300 miles from cape hatteras, and things are getting serious. the governor of north carolina is pleading with people to ev evacua evacuate. tens of thousands and tourists and residents being told to get out of the coastal areas. we're getting new updates by the hour. >> i have a generator. > but we have two cats. if it's coming towards us we'll go to our friends house and ride it out there. >> make it so she look at the emergency kit for hurricane preparedness. make sure all the things ready to go. >> the storm will move up the coast from north carolina to virginia. it could come closest to chatham and nantucket where tourists and residents are wondering how bad it's going to get. >> we're on our way to buy flashlights right this second. >> i'm not worried. we are going to stay. we have followed the instructions in the paper and made preparations to shelter in place. >> this is surf right now in along the coastline. mar
of the seaboard with the same stroke of luck. >> relatively minor weather situation. >> massachusetts has declared a state of emergency, with fema trailers full of supplies and ready to bolt if hit. -- to roll if hit. this labor day travelers is still on the move. north carolina's governor says that there were no major damages or injuries. alison, back to you. >> now we turned to what a lot of local vacationers want to know, how earl affected beach is closed -- beaches close to home. >> we have been talking about the wind and waves. really the most dramatic things we are seeing are the waves, and they will get a little more aggressive. you can -- you can see some very big waves. there are a lot of people who have come to look at them, too. we're not quite done with earl yet. strong and ferocious waves slamming into ocean city. this is hurricane earl. >> the winds are blowing it. >> the gates along the seawall or closed. -- are closed. earlier this morning, police cleared the beaches. >> they said, you know, you have got to get off the beach, off the water. >> it is disconcerting being the only per
declared? >> that is exactly right. i am here in cape cod, massachusetts. friday marks the start of the labor day weekend. for a lot of people, they aren't thinking about the sunshine and the surf. in massachusetts, people are thinking about having to safety. this of us there wants to net -- wants people to know there is shelter from the storm. if the winds are strong, they're going to be stopped. -- stuck. >> not everyone is running from the storm. >> i am going surfing. >> this under the shah says his biggest hope that hurricane earl bring some big waves. >> this is a hurricane and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affected by hurricane earl, most are thinking -- >> i do not like him. >> damage was minimal in north carolina and no injuries or reported. hurricane earl was downgraded to a category 1. >> if you want to live on the water, that is one of the risks that you take. >> what is next? after hurricane earl hit here, it will keep on heading north to maine. the latest on the national hurricane center says by the time hurricane earl kids there, it probably w
the coast as it makes its way north, perhaps hitting massachusetts, cape cod, on friday night and saturday. bill karins will have much more on earl in a few minutes. >>> here is a look at other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, throw people taken to the hospital when the car they were in ended up in the bottom of the swimming pool. the 73-year-old driver hit a van and smashed through a fence of a nearby home. one is in serious condition. >>> police hope this newly released video helps them catch a brazen thief. a woman entered a church and took a purse, right in the middle of services. the woman is wanted on charges of grand lars. >>> and drivers on interstate 277 in north carolina could get caught heading into indepednence boulevard instead of independence boulevard. department of transportation says the huge misspelling is the manufacturers' fault, but state workers didn't notice the goof before the sign went up. and now for a look at national and rejogional weather, here is meteorologist bill karins. >> i represent the half of the population that can't really s
to the northeast, massachusetts and cape cod, of course a popular vacation spot. >> 500,000 folks. >> for a lot of people on labor day, which is why president obama has signed an emergency disaster declaration already for massachusetts. >> this thing obviously as we said all week was a massive storm at first, a strong cat 4, monster storm. it chas weakened, though. that's the good news. not out of the clear just yet for much of the east coast. >>> lighter news coming up. "the skinny" is next including a very funny message from jerry lewis to lindsay lohan. >>> and what's jennifer aniston up to. who's she dating? n n n<
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spots on the massachusetts coast, as one swimmer dies and one goetz missing in rough waters off new jersey. we're live with the latest on the storm that's not done yet. >>> plus, can your labor day do this? we go inside one of the greatest barbecue shacks in the nation. a south carolina den of delicious, where people of every generation race and creed come together to chow down. >>> and, plastic fantastic. they're the little bricks with the big pull on our imagination. the colorful lego block. we go to denmark for the story of how lego built an empire brick by brick. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 3rd, 2010. >> good evening. we begin tonight with earl, the strongest storm to threaten new england since hurricane bob killed 18 in 1991. so far the damage has not been as bad as feared though the storm claimed at least one life off the coast of new jersey. now, earl is headed for massachusetts, where the governor warns that the threat to the bub lick, including beach go
. the governor of massachusetts said it's too early to tell what will happen. >>> meantime, it looks like earl will hit north carolina the hardest. tonight, people there are boarding up and packing up and fox's jonathan sery has more. what is it like to be on the beach? >> reporter: the weather conditions are slowly deteriorating, this morning, the people were sunning themselves on the beach. there is a beautiful sunrise and overcast and other than a few stragglers, no one in swim suits or in the waters and you pan over here, you can see the surfs are really picking up out into the atlantic and the overcast skies get closer and closey and potentially rain and more than a few drops, we haven't experienced a lot of rain and that will change into the evening, but we're feeling the winds beginning to pick up and probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 miles per hour. overnight, they anticipate at the least, we're going to get tropical storm-force winds and potentially hurricane-force winds if the storm system, if hurricane earl should take a sudden jog to the west, shawn. >> i'm curious
to the most eastern part of massachusetts. that means the storm is threatening more than 1100 miles of the east coast and 32 million people. but the big story this hour, a new forecast has ramped up concerns for new england. 19 years ago hurricane bob did serious damage to new england as a category 2 storm. the national hurricane center now says earl may pull a repeat performance. meteorologist janice dean has the breaking news live from the fox weather center. this is new? >> reporter: it is, and it could affect a lot more people as you mentioned, megyn, that is an incredible number. tropical force winds can knockout power to thousands of people. hurricane force winds almost a hundred miles away from the center of the storm. even if this storm does not make a direct hit on the coastal carolinas, cape hatteras or even cap cod and the islands we are still dealing with a ferocious storm that is going to affect a great deal of people. here is earl, fiona could brush bermuda this weekend. we're talking about gaston that will become a hurricane and perhaps affect the caribbean next week.
. >>> to the relief of many, tropical storm earl has moved away from the massachusetts coast this morning. earl unleashed rain and wind last night around cape cod and martha's vineyard. it wasn't as intense as many anticipated. right now the storm continues moving north and it is making land fall on the coast of nova scotia in canada. nbc's kevin tibbles is watching things from his point in rock port, massachusetts. kevin, looks pretty nice there this morning, right? >> reporter: alex, it's a beautiful day here in rock port. i don't know if i'm supposed to be embarrassed to say that to you. i feel a little bit embarrassed being out here outside talking about this monstrous category 4 earl hurricane that is basically category 4 wimp when it comes to the coastline of massachusetts. i don't want to get ahead of myself because we don't know what's happening up in nova scotia really except the rain started there. this storm kept far away from cape ann where i'm talking to you from today in rockport. a lot of the activities put on hold because of the storm for the long weekend here are now back on to
or it gets thrown out. they don't look at your skills or abilities and in massachusetts, that cannot happen anymore. we hope this becomes a bellwether with support from national -- and the naacp and national urban league. it makes no sense to disenfranchise thousands and millions of people twice. once you can't vote and then you can't work. if you cannot vote and cannot work, you are not a citizen. you can say you are born here, live here, have family here, but you do not have the right to vote in the right to work, you not have citizenship. the bad news is across the country, people are still saying if you have been in trouble, you can't vote and you can work. that paralyzes a whole generation of people. many of them who were involved in non-violet, personally- conflicting criminal activity selling drugs. we're not advocating drugs as a good thing, but why punish somebody more severely because be a rather than trying to treated. finally congressman john conyers has been a warrior for decades. think about what he has done and what he represents. there is crime in detroit, crime in chicago,
, on "the fox report." earl is on the move and headed right towards massachusetts. and after all the destruction in north carolina, what more does earl have in store? unemployment on the rise and the president warns there is no quick fix. >> i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead. >> the american people don't want another pep talk. they want another approach. >> jon: now, word the government is considering exactly that. tonight, possible plans and why the white house is denying talk of a second stimulus. plus, attacked with acid. >> a woman approached her and said hey, pretty girl. and the woman took the substance and threw it in her face. >> once it hit me, i could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> tonight, the search for a stranger who attacked this woman on the street. >> jon: don't panic. that request from the governor of massachusetts as hurricane earl heads towards new england. the storm expected to scrape by cape god, nantucket and martha's vineyard in the overnight hours. earl has weakened considerably over the last couple o
hills, north carolina, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> in massachusetts, governor duval patrick declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm's arrival. stay with wjz for the latest on hurricane earl. remember, wjz is always on to track the storm. go to >>> new information in the discovery channel headquarters hostage situation. vic is in the newsroom with what happened. or rather, suzanne is in the newsroom with what happened seconds before james lee was shot by police. sorry about that, suzanne. >> two discovery employees and a security guard were about to make a break for it when police shot lee in the businesses lobby. lee kept police at bay for hours wednesday afternoon. he had what turned out to be a starter pistol and home made bomb strapped to his body. when police fired, the hostages heard lee shout, then a pop that may have been a bomb on his body detonating. for years, james lee argued with the discovery channel, saying they needed to change their programming to help reduce the population and also help save the earth. mary, back to you. >> all right.
. basically up toward eastern massachusetts. that's where they're going to see heavy winds and rains tonight. for us, a front out to the west. going to clear things out. it's already very warm right now. but we've got a great weekend shaping up. take a look at the latest track as it moves away from the region. the 5:00 report in just a moment ago. category 1, barely with winds of 81. moving quickly off to the north and northeast, at 22 miles an hour. it's going to cross very close to eastern cape cod and eventually to nova scotia. you can see them beginning to shrink as it moves up north and northeast in our region. dryer conditions coming up. updates coming in. tim williams has the latest on any advisories which have just been lifted. >> they had issued tropical storm warnings. because the impact were impacting, of course, the delmarva. but now, as bob mentioned, as of 5:00, those warnings have been lifted. what you're seeing now we're seeing clear conditions, watches and watches and warnings, including tidal concerns. and wind conditions. winds are calming down a little bit. wuit means 12
of nantucket, massachusetts. right now you, as you mentioned, 110-mile-per-hour winds. for a hurricane, that's a pretty quick clip. we are watching this move rather rapidly. we expect by 3:00 this morning, it should be parallel to the outer banks. we don't expect it to make landfall. right now it's moving north. the latest look at the satellite shows a wobble to the east. we've had a wobble to the west. we're going to be keeping an eye on this. we don't expect necessarily there to be landfall per se. however, when you consider that hurricane-force winds extend out 70 miles from the center of earl and tropical-force winds 205 miles from the center, you don't have to have landfall to get the direction action. storm surge will be a factor. three to five feet above normal. that will happen at high tide. we can expect some coastal flooding. beach erosion a problem. rainfall, 4 to 6 inches generally in some areas and locally might be higher in the outer banks. tomorrow, moving up the eastern seaboard, running parallel to maryland, new jersey, long island. probably not a direct hit on long island.
and then up towards eastern massachusetts and rhode island, as well as connecticut, friday evening, then towards maine, and we're still getting a clip here for cape cod and the islands. then by saturday, it really should be making its way up to eastern canada. precip, we could see a couple of inches on top of what we saw for portions of eastern north carolina, and the heaviest of rain really for new england and eastern long island, but the good news is we've downgraded the storm, so obviously, this is not up to date, so we're down to a cat one, but the track is basically the same, just brushing eastern massachusetts. so we could still see a big hit from the hurricane across this region and we're going to have to monitor that, but the good news is the storm is weakening and it's moving quickly, you know, so we can just cross our fingers jenna. that's the best case scenario and we'll all have a fantastic labor day weekend once earl is out of here. jenna: that sounds perfect, that's the way we want to end the weather report. i know you've got to get back and check those hurricane repo
administration. >>> we're going to see what's cooking with john king. he's in massachusetts. we'll have that up next. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ malhis day starts thwith his arthritis pain.. you're really, rich and happy. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a
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